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ce·ru·le·an  /səˈro͞olēən/
Adjective: Deep blue in color like a clear sky.
Noun: A deep sky-blue color.
Synonyms: azure - sky-blue - blue

Cerulean allows WP7 developers to use SkyDrive as a cloud based filesystem.

The official SkyDrive API is implemented as JavaScript. You have to create a browser instance to host it, and the official API is geared toward fiddling with photos and social media: it is not adapted to straightforward use as a cloud filesystem.

Cerulean, on the other hand, is implemented in pure C# and does nothing else. Better yet, the same code can be used from a desktop application, providing a shared filesystem to a desktop application and its WP7 counterpart. While you could certainly do something with web services, SkyDrive as a cloud service gives you effectively unlimited scalability at no outlay.

I need feedback, on the API, on future features and on documentation. Please don't hesitate to start or participate in discussions.

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